Investors say new multiverses are entertainment potential

Investors say new multiverses are entertainment potential

The COVID-19 pandemic is driving the introduction of new, still well under way innovations and cultural changes. This trend is especially high in gaming and common reality according to a bunch of heavy-hitting investors.

Unlike other segments of the startup and tech world, where valuations have been slashed, early-stage businesses focused on building new games, gaming infrastructure, and virtual or extended reality entertainment have no difficulty raising money. They have also seen improvements in valuations, investors said.

“In the gaming sector, valuations have increased fairly significantly. Valuations have risen 20 to 25 percent higher than I would have expected before this pandemic”. Phil Sanderson, a co-founder and managing director at Griffin Gaming Partners said. To fellow participants at the Los Angeles Games Conference earlier this month on a virtual stand.

Since common shelter-in-place orders made physical activities unlikely. Increasing the demand for new developments is the bear-hug of interactive experiences, animation films, gaming and social media channels in the film sector.

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