Why Golden State Warriors won’t get a Chicago Bulls-like show ‘The Last Dance’

Why Golden State Warriors won't get a Chicago Bulls-like show 'The Last Dance'

Peter Guber has a glimpse into the Golden State Warriors dynasty as part of the team’s management party. Guber also has a window into the Chicago Bulls empire as part of the collective that created documentary “The Last Dance.”

Therefore, it is not shocking that Guber found the Warriors as a potential documentary topic because in five seasons, they finally won three NBA titles.

Chicago Bulls again

Guber, co-executive chairman of the Warriors and founder of Mandalay Entertainment, told USA TODAY Sports that he had numerous talks on the concept in recent years with business partner Mike Tollin, as well as Warriors majority owner Joe Lacob and Warriors chairman and chief operating officer Rick Welts. The Warriors chose not to get a camera crew embedded with the Warriors, as the Bulls allowed their sixth NBA championship to be filmed in eight years during the 1997-98 NBA season.

“You’re potentially influencing the results of certain things if you do so,” Guber said. “Turning the camera on in the hope that a sports team or job. Or something like that would lead you to a specific point? This is a risky industry. It’s just hubris.

The Warriors credentialed Andy Thompson, NBA Entertainment’s vice president of content development. And his camera crew during the team’s five straight trips to the NBA Finals (2015-2019). And to other regular-season and playoff marquee games.

NBA Productions provides a system with both players in the Playoffs so it can deliver a winning team title video. Yet, as the Bulls allowed in the 1997-98 season. They were not granted access to Warriors workouts, coaching meetings and the trainers’ office.

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