“Friday 13” flagrant Friday witnessed terrible events

Friday 13
Bad luck on "Friday 13"

Terrible events witnessed the most flagrant Friday “Friday 13” of the year. It is the worst of all luck in many myths and beliefs, as it is linked in many novels to misfortune and terrifying stories.

According to Steve Rude, author of The Penguin Guide to the Superstitions of Britain and Ireland. The number 13 has always been a symbol of misfortune, adding that Friday is the day Jesus was crucified.

Therefore Friday is always an occasion to atone for sin and spread This religious belief led everyone to hate to do anything important on Friday. Which, over time, was accompanied by number 13, making it a “terrifying” day for many.

“Friday 13” flagrant Friday witnessed terrible events

Regardless of the stories and myths that made “Friday 13”

The worst and most ominous, but there are many tragic events that have contributed throughout history to the consolidation of this concept, the following are some of them:

– Costa Concordia cruise ship off the coast of Italy:

The cruise ship Costa Concordia sank in the ocean, Friday, January 13, 2012, and thus became the largest passenger ship ever destroyed, with passengers almost twice as many as those on board the Titanic.

Thirty-two people died in the disaster, while the captain convicted of manslaughter in 2015.

Kansas State experiences record amounts of rain and floods:

On Friday, July 13, 1951, Kansas State experienced more than 63 cm of rain. The cities of Manhattan, Lawrence, and Topeka affected by this disaster the most, and nearly a million hectares of land affected by the floods.

The storm also affected oil tanks, which caught fire and exploded. While passengers stuck on trains for four days. floods exceeded previous records by 4 to 9 feet (from 1.2 meters to 2.7 meters).

A trip through the Andes ended in disaster:

Flight 571 was heading from Uruguay to Chile, when it landed in the Andes on Friday, October 13, 1972. In the following days after the crash, survivors forced to hide in the fuselage and had to eat the meat of the deceased passengers to survive.

Rescue efforts suspended only 10 days after the plane crashed. So the appearance of two men 72 days later was shocking. They informed the authorities that there were 16 other survivors trapped in the mountains.

Tragically Ending

– A strange ending for a man who tried to avoid bad luck on “Friday 13”:

A New Yorker, Daz Baxter, stayed on his bed on “Friday 13” in August 1976. He was afraid of any bad events that might affect him.

But his plan, unfortunately, ended tragically

When the floor collapsed under his bed and fell across 6 floors until he died.

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