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Crocodile takes a tan with alligator at golf course in Florida


Golfers of Florida recognize alligators too well although they don’t even try to encounter.

However, an adult crocodile was photographed recently sunning alongside alligators at golf course in  Sanibel Island.

“The crocodile is here all the time, she hangs out on hole No. 11, and she’s a female. Don’t ask me how they know it’s a female. And the maintenance guys call her Fred”

Few crocodiles had been found in coral area of Cape before being documented on Sanibel.

Ranges of crocodiles along coasts in southern Florida Bay.

“I hadn’t seen it until that picture, but I know a guy who walked up and the croc was laying there with its head on the alligator’s tail. But he didn’t get a picture”



Frank Mazzotti, crocodile expert & researcher at University of Florida said only few crocodiles have made its Tampa as far north.

“Before that horrible freeze in 2010 we had a crocodile that spent much of its time in the (J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife) Refuge and it used to nest in people’s yards. That animal nested over a number of years but there was never any evidence that the eggs were fertile”

Less than 2,000 American crocodiles only had 20 recorded nests annually during 1970s.

Nowadays, 150 nests only exist.

Mazzotti explained both crocodiles & American alligators are docile relatively among crocodilian world that includes 20-foot varieties found in Australia & Africa.

“Alligators are a wee bit more aggressive. You can tell that when you catch them. Alligators put up a little more of a struggle than crocodiles”

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