Coronavirus measures made people turn into subscription platforms

Coronavirus stay-at-home measures made people turn into subscription platforms

The coronavirus pandemic has presented challenges for people who are stuck either quarantining at home or simply following the guidelines of local stay-at-home. They all went into the subscription platforms.

When people looked for ways to keep amused they switched to video media subscriptions online.

This is the result of a recent CreditCards.com report.

Subscription platforms are the saviors now

The study showed that, at the height of the coronavirus quarantine in March , April or May, more than 3 in 10 U.S. adults added a streaming service subscription.

In addition, as compared to January and February, 54 per cent of those using streaming services increased their use during that time.

Overall, 81 percent of U.S. people use subscription platforms and 52 percent share an account with someone they don’t live with, like 63 percent of millennials, in March, April or May.

People who borrow streaming subscriptions claim it would save them an average of $513 a year. According to a March report conducted by Bankrate.com’s sister site, CreditCards.com.

For 35 percent of those sharing with someone outside their home, Netflix became the most popular subscription provider.

“Streaming is an unusual area in which consumption is growing,” said Ted Rossman, a CreditCards.com market analyst. “Unfortunately, more than a quarter of streaming users pay little to no attention to how they pay for such services. That’s a lost opportunity for rewards, especially when more credit cards add incentives to stream rewards categories.

Twenty-three percent of those surveyed said they streamed more during the three months. While the use was about the same for a greater amount.

From May 22-26, the poll was performed covering 2,520 adults including 2,042 who use subscription platforms.

People can stay at home for a long time. Thanks to the internet and the lots of entertainment mediums on it. Without the subscription platforms, it would have been hard to stay home that long.

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