The Committee wants Hollywood to reopen despite of coronavirus

The Committee wants Hollywood to reopen despite of coronavirus

Instead of the Coronavirus pandemic the billion-dollar film and tv business has been stalled for months. The committe is looking to reopon Hollywood.

But now they are forming a task force to focus on how to get things back up and running. Billions of dollars and thousands of workers are on risk with the closure.

A big problem among Hollywood staff is not only about whether to return to work, but how to get back in a healthy manner.

The regional movie market peaked at $136 billion in 2018. The US produced 69.9 billion, and $9.5 billion grossed to Georgia.

It has not been convenient for film projects to go into quarantine. Owing to the pandemic the television and film industries are hemorrhaging capital.

President Steven Soderbergh will head the Covid-19 Board of Directors Guild to reopen Hollywood after lock down.

Soderbergh’s credit list includes the 2011 movie “Contagion,” which has become a common on-demand video in the middle of an ongoing pandemic.

The task force will consult top epidemiologists on this topic. They will discuss the problems and advise the board on how to restart research and develop procedures.

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