Cloud gaming’s intrinsic exclusivity would ruin you for PC gamers

Cloud gaming's intrinsic exclusivity would ruin you for PC gamers

If you’re a subscriber to Nvidia GeForce Now Founder, you ‘re probably unplussed about the continued losses to the roster of the cloud gaming service. Since it launched on February 4 , 2020, many notable videogames and publishers have dropped out of the service — apparently those holding all the cards are “still figuring out their cloud strategies”—and if that isn’t a bad omen of things to come, I don’t know what it is.

Why Cloud gaming?

Why? For what? Because there is something similar to the PC gaming experience offered by Nvidia ‘s service. It’s (theoretically) open to everyone, it enables you to access the games you already own, and it’s more or less back to the basic promise of a half-decent gaming PC in the cloud — it even offers cheap RTX graphics. Without it, or those other services like this, cloud gaming’s future looks much more … exclusive.

Nvidia had been unlucky in her rollout streaming game. Just as the ball began rolling on its initially successful cloud gaming ambitions, and fresh out of beta, a few major publishers (Activision Blizzard, Bethesda Softworks, 2 K Games) quickly dropped out of the service and even made quite a palaver of it. It seems that sentiment is only gaining momentum from there. Further games have been pulled out of the service since, and while many more have embraced it with open arms, its cloud-compatible library has notably missed some huge games. As a result, Nvidia ‘s adopted a less proactive opt-in approach on GeForce Now for developers and publishers.

So what’s it that makes publishers so frowned upon Nvidia ‘s service? I should guess it’s just the sheer size, scale and monetary value of the ‘platform’ potential. No one blinked an eye for the many cloud streaming services that came before. Despite being much like Nvidia GeForce Now. Those that allow the user to hook into their existing libraries and play games. That they own across a range of digital storefronts on hardware. That they couldn’t afford or otherwise access.


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