California, LA Movie Theatres, Entertainment Operations will return

California, LA Movie Theatres, Entertainment Operations will return This Week

With tight capacity constraints, Hollywood and nearly all of California will be allowed to begin the reopening procedure for movie theaters and other “family entertainment operations” as soon as Friday, as per supervision released this week by the governor’s office.

The State announced new guidelines for counties such as Los Angeles to advance through the process of reopening businesses such as bowling alleys, miniature golf, batting cages, arcades, and movie theaters. The opening timetable for each county will be at the discretion of local health authorities in the state’s 51 of the 58 counties that have been eligible to proceed.

Entertainment Operations back

As shelter-in-place requests are modified — not lifted — the guidance maintains. That it is essential for establishments to ensure workers and the public are safe. Key preventive practices include physically trying to distance to the maximum extent possible; employee and customer and customer use of face coverings; frequent hand washing and frequent cleaning and disinfection; and educating staff on these and other elements of the preventive plan.

Getting systems to classify new cases of disease at workplaces can also be important for companies and individual businesses.

The regulations continue to restrict the already struggling film-theater industry. In each theater capacity limit will be  25 per cent, or 100 people, whichever is lower. To do so, they may need to reconfigure seating, or seal off seats to ensure at least six feet of physical space. According to the instructions, this may require seating every other row or blocking or removing seats in a “checkerboard” style.

The upgrade is not for ice rinks, roller rinks, laser tag games or theme parks.

The state has recently issued specific rules for exercise facilities with stringent cleaning and disinfecting procedures. To allow gyms to also open this week, but without saunas, steam rooms or hot tubs. It would require extra space between machines and equipment, and management would need to create reservation systems. It also recommends that all employees be provided with test screenings before their shifts, and all patrons before they enter.

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