Asia Pioneer Entertainment reveals new installations at Hoiana

Asia Pioneer Entertainment reveals new installations at Hoiana

Asia Pioneer Entertainment Holdings Limited, manufacturer of computer gaming devices headquartered in Macau, is expanding to provide sports entertainment. It revealed new installations in Hoiana.

On Friday, APE released a statement detailing intentions to launch “football and football entertainment companies,” including funding and organizing sporting competitions and operating sports entertainment venues in Macau through a wholly-owned subsidiary, APE Sporting and Entertainment Limited. The organization did not have any information about what athletic activities this would mean.

It did, however, note that the group actively sought new opportunities to diversify its revenue stream.

New installations at Hoiana

“Taking into account the rising knowledge of health and the demands for sporting activities in Macau, the directors are of the opinion that the start-up of the new company would be a successful opportunity for the Group to diversify its sales stream and the boost the Group’s financial results,” he added.

APE recently announced an increased loss of HK$4.1 million in 1Q20. On a decrease in sales of 70.1 percent. Due to a reduction of new orders and the cancellation of some as a result of COVID-19.

Traditionally, the company has been engaged in the technical sales and marketing of EGEs to land based casinos, restoring EGEs and supplying replacement parts, advising EGEs vendors or distributors to casino gaming supply markets, supplying refurbished EGEs, and lease sales and rental of EGE’s.

On the same day that it unveiled its latest business plan. APE also announced that it had installed the full range of computer gaming equipment. At the Hoiana integrated resort of Suncity in Vietnam ahead of the exclusive preview launch on Sunday.

Installed products include Spintec’s 8-seated “Karma II” roulette and the radical slot machine also connected to Konami’s “Dragon Victory.”

“We are proud to also provide Hoiana Suncity with our full range of personalized and optimized goods”. Herman Ng, CEO and executive director of APE also said.

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