17 shipping containers used in Thai university to build its new campus


“Forget what you say, its all about what you do”

Living a more sustainable life is well taught in Thai educational institute.

ISDSI’s new Home!

Sustainably built from 17 shipping containers, the new center for the International Sustainable Development Studies Institute (ISDSI) is the home for experiential study abroad programs in Thailand.

Thailand has International Sustainable Development Studies Institute which built a new campus made out of recycled materials.

US students can come to the institute to study a program of sustainability which encompasses Language, Society & food systems of Thailand.

Whenever university needs a new campus, it opts decommissioned shipping containers as it fell its own teaching on to source a solution.

Container ships are considered the main responsible of 60% of global shipping trade, as they cross the oceans annually carrying 1.7 billion tons of cargo.

However, what is their end when they are no longer needed?

Expired containers get turned into buildings  to work or even live in. Starbucks has used containers to build a drive-through coffee shop.



17 containers are used by new campus sourced from Bangkok’s ports.

Containers are fitted together in order to create different-sized areas & classrooms with natural light to be weaved in.

Using containers is a sustainable option for 2 reasons;

    • Reduce depending on concrete for construction
    • Reuses steel container saves energy instead of being melting down & recycling

“By up-cycling the steel, they are kept out of the waste stream, and allow us to learn (and teach) about how to use the hundreds of thousands of containers sitting in the ports of the Global South”

Campus – ISDSI

(Jump to our other pages about our camps for more details and photos!) Design goals The main building is built out of 17 High Cube shipping containers. Standard containers are 8 feet wide and 8.5 feet tall. “High Cube” containers are 9.5 feet.

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