10 information you should know before visiting Dubai

10 information you should know before visiting Dubai

Dubai society can be very clear-cut. Why do you clothe yourself? Would you want to thank the waiters? Will you be drinking alcohol? Below are 10 information you should know before visiting Dubai.

10 information you should know before visiting Dubai

Time of visit

Visit Dubai has just two seasons between October and April-mild and dry. The months between October and April, named the winter season, bring blue sky to the city and great beach conditions. It’s also the rainy season, but rain storms usually don’t last that long so don’t let the aspect impact your travel dates.


Look at flights six months before departure. Foreign airlines typically announce their cheapest seats about six months before departure. That doesn’t mean you ought to order your tickets that long in advance, so it’s a smart idea to start looking at and comparing prices. You can at least book your tickets one month in advance at the latest.

Booking the hotel

Book your hotel months in advance Since Dubai has become such a popular holiday destination, and since October through April is the peak time for visitors to visit, you want to make sure you have a comfortable place to stay before your arrival, like these IHG hotels in Dubai. Get your hotel reservation in Dubai well two or three months in advance to do so.


Another thing of the 10 information you should know before visiting Dubai. If you visit during Ramadan’s holy month, which is observed during the ninth month of the 12-month Islamic calendar, honor the Muslims and their fasting tradition. This ensures that, before sunrise and sunset, you cannot eat, drink or smoke in public before them.

Dress Code

Think traditional over sexy and glamorous as you prep your holiday wardrobe. If it’s too short, heavy or translucent, women’s clothing is considered indecent, whereas men can never wander around without a shirt on. Dress modestly in order to prevent unwanted publicity and to value Islamic faith.


Don’t ever take a picture without their permission with or of a visitor, unless you take a scenic shot in a main tourist location. But never take a photograph without her permission of a Muslim woman and do not take images of any government offices, airports, military bases, etc.


In Dubai, tipping isn’t always planned but it’s a normal activity. Many restaurants can cover the bill with a tip. Taxi drivers don’t need to get a fee, but usually baggage carriers and grocery baggers get a slight reward for their services.


Taxis are nice to get around town; there’s lots of them because they’re a pretty inexpensive mode of transport. But don’t take your taxi driver for granted to know every road and restaurant in Dubai. They don’t really know the city as well as you think they should, just give them links to major city landmarks like they will know them and make sure you end up where you want to be. That’s another one of the 10 information you should know before visiting Dubai.


In Dubai, alcohol is legal; however, you cannot drink in public as drinking and driving is forbidden. Remember, without a permit you cannot purchase alcohol for your own consumption, so you have to purchase it from a licensed establishment. It’s no question to buy drinks at a bar or restaurant, please don’t try to get drunk.

Affection control

In the UAE, public expressions of love are particularly provocative. Many tourists to Dubai have been arrested and jailed for displaying PDA. Just be on the cautious side, keep from holding hands while in public, or hugging your significant other.

You shouldn’t hesitate to visit Dubai even with any of the tight rules, if you get the opportunity. It’s a special destination, and one worth visiting on your own, with your significant other, or with the entire family.

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