Eminem’s New Album ‘Kamikaze’ is on track to break records

Eminem’s New Album ‘Kamikaze’ is on track to break records

Eminem has once gain proved to be a hit maker.

The latest album “Kamikaze” has risen to the top of charts after its surprise release last week.

on the Billboard 200 chart the Detroit native is on track for his album to debut No.1. According to Nielsen Music, the feat would mark Eminem’s ninth No. 1 album. Eminem would be the first artist in history with eight consecutive album if he manages to pull it off again.

Across the pond, he’s on track to have his ninth straight British No. 1 album. Eminem currently shares the record for consecutive No. 1 albums with Led Zeppelin and ABBA, according to UK’s Official Chart.

“Kamikaze” collaborated with Dr.Dre, is Eminem’s tenth studio album.

Eminem got political reference to president time on the album.

This isn’t the first time Eminem tried to criticize trump. At the BET Awards last year, Eminem called the President a “racist grandpa” during a freestyle rap.