Earthquake and Tsunami that hit Indonesia is causing severe rise in death tolls

Earthquake and Tsunami that hit Indonesia is causing severe rise in death tolls

The national disaster mitigation agency in Indonesia has reported a death of 832 and will continue to rise as search is on going for people that are trapped under collapsed buildings and bridges on the island of Sulawesi.

“We managed to pull out a woman alive from the Hotel Roa-Roa last night,” said Muhammad Syaugi, head of the national search and rescue agency. “We even heard people calling for help there yesterday.” as the affected area on the island if Sulawesi is bigger than initially presumed.

The 7.5 magnitude earthquake that struck on Friday was triggered by the tsunami and has caused many people to be trapped under the rubble of buildings. In the nearby region of Donggala 11 people have died an agency spokesperson Sutopo Purwo said. “The death is believed to be still increasing since many bodies were still under the wreckage while many have not able to be reached,” He reported.

He also said “the access to Donggala, as well as the towns of Sigi and Boutong, is limited and there are no comprehensive reports from those areas. ”

Many state owned petrol stations and supermarkets are running out of supplies and people in panic have been looting the remaining supplies as there is a severe shortage of food, water and fuel. Many residents are also filling up petrol in water bottles. The residents have received no aid and are raiding supermarkets amid destruction to get whatever they can to eat and survive. Rescuers are currently focusing on reaching victims trapped under collapsed buildings in the two cities of Indonesia.

Most of the buildings have been washed away with water. Aid and supplies are on its way to badly affected areas through military and commercial aircrafts. Aid agencies and NGOs are finding it hard to reach affected regions because of the large amount of debris and water that has inundated on land. Hospitals are overflowing with injured patients are are treating many people in open air. Currently many residents are posting their relatives of family member’s photos on facebook in an effort to find them.

There is need for clean water, food and clothes

Current agencies accepting donations are :

  1. – They accept cash donations and or need to loan trucks for emergency transportation of aid and residents
  2. Global Giving Foundation – Is running a funding campaign – even the tiniest contributions make a big difference –
  3. World Vision – Select Donation amount and donate amount needed for the Indonesia Earthquake Relief Fund –
  4. Helping Hand – For Relief and Development is accepting donations at