Did the Gunmen plan to kill the cops or was it just a countermeasure ?

Did the Gunmen plan to kill the cops or was it just a countermeasure ?

A gunmen opened fire on two officers when they noticed the perpetrators trying to steal a car in the Bosnian capital on Friday morning, Sarajevo Canton police said.

The officers were Adis Sehovic and Davor Vujinovic aged 46 and 43 respectively.

“The police officers did not even get out of their car, they did not fire first, but the unknown perpetrators started shooting as soon as they saw police,” Adem Zolj, the premier of Sarajevo Canton, told a press conference.

A police spokesperson said that while the crime scene was being investigated Sarajevo police were cooperating with Serb-dominated East Sarajevo to search for the perpetrators.

The local media also reported that members of Bosnia’s State Investigation and Protection Agency are involved in the operation.

“I perceive this attack as an attack on the state of Bosnia. The attack on our policemen is an attack on all of us, citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” the chair of the Bosnian Council of Ministers, Denis Zvizdic, said on Friday.

Last time such a police fatality had occurred in Sarajevo Canton was in 2012 but at that time the killer’s motive was based on revenge as he had taken away his license and given him a fine and he was subsequently jailed 34 years for murder of a law enforcement official.

The investigation hopes to reveal the purpose of the shooting as reports state that this murder might have been planned considering the reaction time of the perpetrators.