Did Nikki Haley resign to make place for Ivanka Trump ?

Did Nikki Haley resign to make place for Ivanka Trump ?

Nikki Haley announced that she will be resigning from her post of U.S. ambassador to United Nations and that she will leave at the end of the year, making that one more high profile person to leave from the Trump administration. Ms Haley was a former Republican governor of South Carolina for six years and has worked two years for her current post until President Trump named her to the United Nations job weeks after his election.

Haley’s resignation caught national security adviser John Bolton, Axios’ Jonathan Swift and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo by surprise. She was widely respected and popular amongst democrats and republicans. She is very outspoken and often forceful envoy — someone who stepped up answer encouraged Trump’s alleged sexual assault survivors to step up and voice their truth.

Foreign diplomats also looked to for guidance as she turned a haphazard administration and inconsistent policy positions — to solving and providing stability to the president’s first national security team.

“She’s done a fantastic job, and we’ve done a fantastic job together,” “She’s a fantastic person, very importantly, but she also is somebody that gets it.” Donald Trump said at the Oval Office conference.

The President shortly after on the lawn of the White House revealed to the media that Hosny daughter Ivanka Trump is a “dynamite” and that “There is no-one more qualified “in the world” to become the next US ambassador to the United Nations than Ivanka Trump”

Discussing potential replacements is short and includes Dina Powell, Mr Trump appeared enthusiastic about his daughter’s suitability for the position, saying: “I’ve heard Ivanka, how good would Ivanka be?

“It has nothing to do with nepotism but people who know know that Ivanka would be dynamite. I’d be accused of nepotism even if there’s no one more competent in the world.”

In response to that she tweeted saying her father will “nominate a formidable replacement for Ambassador Haley”. She added: “That replacement will not be me.”

Nikki did not comment on the replacements but at the Oval Office conference earlier she said “It was a blessing to go into the U.N. with body armor every day and defend America… And I’ll always do that; I’ll never truly step aside from fighting for our country. But I will tell you that I think it’s time.”

She also addressed the speculation that she is not resigning so she can contest for the 2020 elections by saying “For all of you that are going to ask about 2020 — no, I’m not running for 2020,” Haley said unprompted with Trump sitting beside her. “I can promise you what I’ll be doing is campaigning for this one. So, I look forward to supporting the president in the next election.”

“It’s been eight years of intense times,” “And I am a believer in term limits.”

She added: “I don’t have anything set on where I am going to go”

Despite all the positive comments from President Trump it’s possible that she had wanted to leave before she was pushed out as she did have a falling out with the president several times one of which was related to the Russian sanctions on TV. Haley announced the US would impose new sanctions on Russia. But President contradicted by saying no such sanctions had been put in place and that Haley had confused it calling it a “momentary confusion” to which she immediately responded by saying she did not “get confused”

According to Haley’s 2018 financial disclosure, she had reported that she was facing significant number of outstanding credit card debts, and a mortgage in excess of $1 million.