Europe and New York progress in a fight against coronavirus

Europe and New York are making success in a fight against coronavirus

Hard-hit European nations and New York’s U.S. epicenter reported headway in their fight against the deadly pandemic on Sunday.

Governments around the world are now debating how and when to relax lockdowns that have confined more than half of humanity — 4.5 billion people — to their homes and have crippled the global economy.

Sunday, Europe showed positive signals, with Italy, Spain, France and Britain seeing dropping daily death tolls and declining rates of infection.

According to an AFP survey, the continent accounted for almost two-thirds of the almost 165,000 deaths recorded across the globe from more than 2.3 million confirmed infections.

New York is doing better

In the U.S. — the country with the largest number of deaths and illnesses — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the epidemic was “on the decline,” even though stressing that there was “no time to be cocky.” Mounting data shows that the lockdowns and mutual distancing are slowing the virus spread.

The research has stepped up preparations in several countries. To start loosening mobility curbs and relieving the crippling burden on national economies.

Hard-hit Spain has prolonged a national closure but said that giving children access outdoors would ease the constraints. Switzerland, Denmark and Finland have also begun reopening their stores and schools.

Germany would authorize several shops to reopen Monday after the virus has been deemed “under control”. While Italy, once Europe’s hardest-hit nation, has tripled relief restrictions.

Iran, which has the deadliest outbreak in the Middle East, has allowed some “low-risk” companies to reopen Saturday.

The tentatively optimistic signs arrive with the U.S. and China squabbling about claims by President Trump. That the pandemic could have started by a laboratory in ground zero city Wuhan.

Spain reported 410 new deaths on Sunday, the lowest regular count in nearly a month. And a number that emergency coordinator of the health ministry Fernando Simon said “gives us hope.”

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