Coronavirus won’t conquer us, Queen says in her post at Easter

Coronavirus won't conquer us, Queen says in her post at Easter

On Sunday Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II sent an Easter message from Windsor Castle stating that the festival celebrating the rebirth of Jesus Christ is required as much as ever to remind people that the coronavirus pandemic will not overtake us.

The 93-year-old ruler and Church of England, in the first such message of his kind, said the occasion stains “new hope and raw purpose,” with the powers of “light and life” tackling those of gloom and death.

“We know coronavirus won’t surmount us. As pitch black as death can be – particularly for those who struggle from sorrow – there is greater light and life, “the Queen said.

“May the Easter’s living flame be a steady reference, when we face the future. I give a happy Easter to everyone of all religions and denominations, “she said.

UK will fight coronavirus

In the wake of the continuing semi-lockdown and social distancing steps for attempting to stop the transmission of the new coronavirus, The Queen emphasized that this did not necessarily mean that the day was not properly marked.

“This year, Easter will be dissimilar for many of us, but by maintaining apart we keep everyone else safe. But Easter is on time; yes, we need Easter as much as ever. The first Easter Day revelation of the resurrected Christ brought new hope and fresh meaning to his disciples. And we should all take that to heart, “she said.

She continued in response to other religious beliefs. That also have parallels to the victory of light over darkness. Some religions have celebrations that commemorate the light that overcomes darkness. These times are also accompanied by candle lighting.

“Apparently they speak to every race, and they cater to people of all faiths, and of none. They illuminate on birthday cakes and to seal family special days, when we happily gather around a light source. It ties us together.

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