Cases of coronavirus in the US reach half a million

Cases of coronavirus in the US reach half a million

According to estimates by Johns Hopkins University and Reuters, the overall number of confirmed novel coronavirus cases in the United States reached half a million Friday — accounting for about a third of all cases worldwide.

The overall case for the country by midnight ET of 501,419 is greater than the combined sum of the three countries with the next highest counts in the world: Spain, Italy and France. The total for the United States is more than three times what Spain has published, at 158,273.

Also the USA came close to surpassing Italy as the country with the most COVID-19 deaths on Friday night. Italy had 18,849 deaths, while the U.S. reported 18,758 deaths at midnight according to Johns Hopkins.

Earlier Friday, the death toll worldwide reached 100,000. Up to 1.7 million people around the world screened COVID-19 positive.

Coronavirus in US is unstoppable

On March 26, just about two weeks ago, the US overcame Italy and China by becoming the country with the most coronavirus outbreaks, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. The number of cases one day later reached 100,000, the very first country to do so.

Since then, the cases of the world, and the subsequent deaths, have only continued to rise as federal and state governments are struggling to tackle the pandemic.

The state of New York has accounted for more than half of the nation’s deaths and experienced a especially grim week, as more than 3,000 fatal cases surged among Monday and Friday. They use mass graves to bury most of the dead.

Following deadly incidents in California and the greater Seattle area, Detroit, Louisiana and Washington, D.C. have all been reported as recent hotspots.

Yet with figures breaking milestones, the U.S. On Friday, President Donald Trump and his aides expressed hope that coronavirus spread could be slowing.

Trump, who expressed hope last month that the economy of the country will reopen this coming Easter Sunday, said on Friday he would announce the launch of what he called the task force “Opening our World” to work towards that aim next Tuesday.

“I want it to be made available as soon as possible”. He said at the briefing on Good Friday. Adding: “The evidence will decide what I am doing.”

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