Chinese military reveals their latest mysterious “flying saucer” drone in footage

Chinese military reveals their latest mysterious “flying saucer” drone in footage

The Chinese-state media has released video footage of a new military drone that of a flying saucer-like stealth drone flying in the air, it even performed a successful take-off and landing, sparking huge alarm among US officials.

According to experts, the drone is a high-altitude, long-range and high-speed unmanned aerial vehicle capable of undertaking reconnaissance and patrol missions in hostile environments.

The drone has an unusual shape that makes it more aerodynamic, thus allowing it to fly faster than ordinary drones and planes.

China has revealed its latest military spy drone that could patrol “hostile environments” without detection. The eerie saucer-shaped drone has been spotted before but the footage released is the first official footage of the Sky Hawk drone flying in the air. Leading military experts claim the drone possess technologies that will allow the craft to travel farther and even escape detection.

Speculation suggests that the drone has been under development for the past year or so. Song Zhongping, a military expert and TV commentator, stated that “the latest release shows China has already demonstrated the feasibility of the drone.”

A military official also stated that Sky Hawk can operate on China’s future aircraft carriers that use “electromagnetic catapults”.

Ma Hongzhong, one of the drone designers, said that the technology was “the newest and most advanced in the global industry”.

Source: Express Uk