South Africa wins the Miss Universe award of 2019

South Africa
Miss South Africa wins 2019 Miss Universe.

Miss South Africa Zuzipini Tunzi crowned the Miss Universe title of 2019 late yesterday. after she performed an excellent performance in the swimwear tour. In addition, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray crowned Zozibini Tunzi at the event held in Atlanta on Sunday night.

Answering Questions
  • She answered questions related to social issues.
  • In addition a question of why she thinks she is the right choice.

South Africa wins the Miss Universe award of 2019

This year’s Miss Universe crown has been won by South Africa’s Zozibini Tunzi of 26-year-old. As Zozibini defeated Miss Universe Puerto Rico to win the crown.

Miss South Africa Zuzipini Tunzi speech

Tunzi said:

  • Firstly, “I grew up in a world that never considered women like me, my skin type and my hair type, never beautiful.”
  • Secondly, “I think the time has come to stop this day. So, I want children to look at and see my face and want them to see their faces reflected in. “

Arranging the runners-up

  1. The first runner-up: Miss Mexico
  2. The second runner-up: Miss Puerto Rico

The first runner-up

Miss Mexico Sophia Aragon said earlier in the competition:

  • “If you don’t use your beauty for the mission of your life, then this is just an empty decoration.”


The second runner-up

Miss Puerto Rico said:

  • “Being on the Miss Universe podium is not only a dream, expressing her belief that she has found her mission. So, it is to represent dedication, flexibility, and perseverance.”
  • Finally, “I think my mission is to show the world that magic happens when we refuse to surrender. As well as, the universe is always listening to stubborn hearts. “

Oprah Winfrey tweeted to congratulate Miss Universe.

She wrote on her twitter account:

  • Firstly, She Congratulations Miss South Africa, the new Miss Universe @zozitunzi!
  • Agree with you…leadership is the most powerful thing we should be teaching young women today.
  • Eventually, We welcome your visit to #OWLAG, our Leadership Academy for Girls (sic).

Live: South Africa’s Zozibini Tunzi is Miss Universe 2019

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