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Legacy of Michael Jackson to be re-examined as ‘Leaving Neverland’ sparks


On Sunday, Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” song was was playing on overhead speakers inside a Starbucks shop that made a passerby cringed as a reason was “Leaving Neverland” movie.

“Leaving Neverland” is a new movie focuses on re-examining the artistry of Michael Jackson.

“It’s in his songs. It’s in his videos. You’ll never hear him the same way again”, Slate of Jack Hamilton said.

That’s after the two accusers, James Safechuck & Wade Robson are heard so at center of the film.

“Jackson is shownas a mega-star who allegedly manipulated little boys and their families to sexually prey upon the children, using his fame and money to smooth the path to his bed”. isa Respers France of CNN wrote.

Lisa Respers France on Twitter

Whether you believe the allegations or not, #LeavingNeverland is painful. I write about it here https://t.co/YYoOcKie9W

On Sunday night, first part of “Leaving Neverland” was debuted on HBO. Although part two is already available on VOD, it will be on air Monday night.

Leaving Neverland | Documentaries | HBO

Watch Leaving Neverland the two-part original HBO documentary on HBO.com.

According to NYT’s Elizabeth A. Harris, Jackson’s trial is moved through the second half of the documentary that introduces wives of Safechuck & Robson taking audiences through their decision to come forward with accounts after years of proclaiming innocence of Jackson.

MJ on Twitter

@michaeljackson is innocent and I hope HBO pays a pretty price for these lies. These men are trying to capitalize on MJ death. #MJInnocent #BoycottHBO #BoycottFoxNews #MJWasAGeniusLikeMozart #ShameOnHBO

Kiramj777 on Twitter

MJInnocent they take advantage now only for the fact that he can’t defend himself. These people are sick. It’s time to stop all of this, Michael doesn’t deserve all of this. He is INNOCENT. I will always love and defend him. There is nothing that proves what they claim.

The $100 million lawsuit of estate against HBO drew more attention & seized headlines to the movie.

“They don’t have very good legal arguments. I think it’s about the money. They’re trying to protect this financial boon that has been the Michael Jackson Estate since he died & the money may dry up if this scandal keeps gaining steam”, Jennifer said.

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