Xiao: Cars may very quickly go completely driverless

Xiao: Cars may very quickly go completely driverless

According to Jianxiong Xiao, CEO and founder of AutoX, a Shenzhen based startup developing autonomous driving technology, the time when cars could go fully driverless is coming “very early.”

Currently, most laws around various cities in China still demand the involvement of a car safety driver, although the organization anticipates that if more data is collected over time, that requirement will be decreased, Xiao told CNBC’s “Street Signs Asia” on Wednesday.

The autonomous driving software company decided to collaborate with Alibaba’s AMAP. A Chinese mapping service provider. On Monday in Shanghai to carry out its RoboTaxi ride hailing services. According to Xiao AMAP is a “mega mobile app” with approximately 500 million active monthly users.

AutoX had received permission from Shanghai authorities in September last year to roll out a fleet of 100 autonomous ride-hailing cars in Shanghai’s Jiading district.

Earlier this month, AutoX revealed it had set up an 80,000 square feet RoboTaxi Operations Center in Shanghai. To help accelerate the operation of its driverless fleet. As well as serve as a hub for gathering regular operational data. According to a report by South China Morning Post citing AutoX. The center can also store data collected from simulation cloud machines performing simulated non-stop tests.

Xiao is ambitious

Supported by investors like Alibaba, Shanghai Motor and Dongfeng Motor. AutoX is one of the players alongside others like DiDi Chuxing on the trillion U.S. dollar Chinese autonomous driving vehicle market.

Xiao said they’ve partnered with the engineers to make sure the cars are “very, very clean” and they’re doing a lot of research.

According to Xiao, over one hundred vehicles were deployed daily on the roads. To collect the data required to verify the program and framework.

He added that the company still performs a hundred times more tests on a regular basis in the car. And the “massive amount of evidence” will help to show that they can use cars in “absolute health”. “Our aim is not only to make (it) as safe as humans, but to make a real move forward. A superior level of safety; (cars) that (can) drive much better than any person ever, “Xiao said.

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