Tesla starts selling pre-configured Model 3 on its website

Inventory Tesla Model 3 available online
Inventory Tesla Model 3 available online

Tesla is giving its potential buyers the chance to get Model 3 deliveries within days instead of weeks. As first reported by Electrek. the automaker has made its inventory Model 3 vehicles available for browsing online.

The inventory section used to display Tesla Model S and X vehicles only, but now it includes new Model 3 stocks.

Now you can choose one of the pre-configured cars from the company’s existing inventory instead of customizing your own. This way, buyers could immediately (depending on their location) get their hands on one of Tesla’s amazing electric vehicles.

The inventory section typically gives buyers the chance to get a great deal for used or test drive models.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t see the used options for the company’s most affordable car yet. though they could definitely come at a later time.

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