Tesla starts allowing vehicles to drive through green lights automatically

Tesla starts allowing vehicles to drive through green lights automatically

Tesla has started pushing a new software update so that the new “Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control” feature allows cars to automatically drive through a green light.

Tesla started introducing an Autopilot upgrade earlier this year, including the ability to identify and pause at traffic signals and stop signs.

The new feature is called “Sign Control on Traffic Light and Stop.”

It’s the first time Tesla released a significant intersection handling feature and it’s been particularly careful about the rollout of the new feature — admitting that the feature will first be “conservative” and requiring drivers to confirm when the Autopilot can actually cross an intersection.

While the vehicle automatically stops at a red light or stop sign, when the light is green it wouldn’t pass through an intersection. As a clarification for the vehicle to continue it allowed drivers to push the stalk or the accelerator.

The rollout was similar to the automatic lane change feature of Autopilot which needs driver confirmation to perform the lane change at first. But It was later completely autonomous after Tesla collected data from the fleet and improved the feature.

Now for the new feature “Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control,” Tesla is doing the same.

In its early access plan, Tesla has begun delivering an upgrade to the feature. So it no longer needs driver approval to go through a green light.

Tesla’s statement

They wrote to drivers who made early access:

This app upgrade provides changes to our current feature Traffic Light and Stop Sign Command. Your vehicle won’t need driver confirmation to continue through green lights. While a lead vehicle is ahead of you and not in a turning lane. By using Autopilot, each driver is responsible for staying alert and responsive. It must prepare to take action at any moment.

As you can see, the feature still having some limitations.

Still, after stopping at a stop sign, it can not perform a turn or continue on its own. But now it can handle an intersection with a traffic light autonomously. If you go straight and there is another car in front of you.

The updated feature is currently only in the early access fleet. In the coming days or weeks it is going to be within the wider fleet.

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