Mercedes says that black cars won’t overheat

Mercedes says that black cars won’t overheat

As a result of transitioning to a black livery this season, Mercedes have maintained their vehicles are not in greater danger of overheating.

The World Champions in favor of global racial equality moved from a base color of silver to black, with the regular green detail.

While black, as a color, absorbs more heat than lighter colours, Mercedes’ motorsport strategy chief James Vowles has dismissed any possibility that the livery change may adversely affect temperatures within the vehicles.

While during the Austrian Grand Prix, which opened the season, Mercedes suffered from gearbox problems, won for them by Valtteri Bottas with teammate Lewis Hamilton fourth, they were never worried that their cars would overheat because they were a different colour.

Mercedes answers questions

In Mercedes’ Austrian Grand Prix debrief footage, answering a question about how certain mechanisms, such as temperature, influence the color of the paint on the vehicle, Vowles said: “The truth is it does not.

“There is a red, heat-resistant coating. Within the engine cover. And that’s in place regardless of the exterior color. Regardless of the paint color externally. We can not see the effect on our radiator temperatures or other core system temperatures inside the vehicle.

Hamilton, the first black driver still racing in F1, applauded the decision his team took to change their livery. And take a stand before the Austrian season began.

“As I talked to Toto. About my expectations about what we as a team could do. I said it was so important that we stand together.”

“I would like to thank Toto. Also the Mercedes Board very much for taking the time to listen, chat. And really appreciate my thoughts and enthusiasm and for making this crucial announcement. That we are ready to adapt and develop as a group.

“We want to create a brand that extends beyond sport. And if we can be the pioneers and start promoting more diversity within our own industry. It would send such a clear message. And give us the courage to start a conversation on how they can enact change.”

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