Hyundai and BMW Up, Toyota and Honda Down

Hyundai and BMW Up, Toyota and Honda Down

For the first time since the coronavirus pandemic shut down several dealerships this spring-at least in Hyundai and Mazda-U.S. car sales are looking up. Hyundai announced a 1 percent rise in revenue relative to July 2019, the first rise since February, a 3 percent improvement in Mazda revenue and a 10 percent increase in volvo sales. The Acura division of Honda was also up marginally, while the Toyota brand was down 13 per cent. Compared to last July, Toyota reported a 22 per cent fall, and Subaru was down 20 per cent, suggesting that these revenue increases could be exceptions.


Honda’s car portfolio has been down almost 20 percent this month. But a smaller drop in the SUV range (down 7 percent) has stopped the numbers of the Honda company from dropping as dramatically as other rivals. Both the HR-V and Pilot crossovers were up; the top-selling CR-V was down 10 percent, and the midsize Accord sedan fell 29 percent.

The Acura premium group succeeded in recording a 2.5 percent rise, with the best-selling RDX suv rising 8 per cent.


In the case of Hyundai, the trend line is growing more linearly. Because this small rise comes after it registered a 43 percent drop in March. A 39 percent drop in April, a 13 percent drop in May and a 22 percent drop in June. Hyundai reports retail revenues were up 4 percent and fleet sales (representing 7 percent of overall revenue in July) were down 32 percent. Hyundai did better than many other automakers in the first quarter of 2020. Recording an average 18 percent drop in the figures of other rivals dipping above 25 percent.

Hyundai’s SUV range has largely to blame for the good July. The three-row Palisade SUV sold 8404 units, a huge increase from last year. And adequate to catapult it ahead of the mid-size Sonata sedan which sold 6834 units. The top two sales of the company were the Tucson (10,922 units) and Santa Fe (92,96 units). Though both declined compared with last July.

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