CDC: Private cars are safer than public transport

CDC claims vehicles are safer than public transport during the pandemic

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC) offers revised guidance about how to cope with the pandemic, with new guidelines for office-workers. Some are simple and will be easy to enforce, including wearing face masks and if possible having small meetings, avoiding public transport and lunch outdoors (good idea on the way to summer). But it’ll be difficult to enforce other guidelines, if not unlikely. Why, for example, is “maintaining a social gap of at least six feet” supposed to operate inside an elevator?

During the day on Sunday, the CDC changed its proposals to explain that they are “if possible,” and that it does not object to people “driving or commuting by car either alone or with members of the household.” It also included a request that workers would be advised to follow CDC instructions on “how to defend themselves while using transit”. If they felt it appropriate to use public transport methods.

There is also a shift in where the obligation of an individual for its workers starts. The CDC says — and OSHA will agree — that “the workers are responsible for ensuring a clean and secure workplace”. So what about moving safely to and from work? When COVID-19 struck, it wasn’t really under the employer’s purview. So now the CDC is looking into the ways we commute and make our employees healthier. In short, it favors private cars over public transport.

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