BMW is going to to sell you subscriptions to your car’s features

BMW is going to to sell you subscriptions to your car’s features

During a VR press event BMW today unveiled a range of enhancements to its in-car app interface, along with a simulated trip through Munich to show off some of these features. Such latest upgrades will arrive later this year to the most recent BMWs that will support the company’s Operating System 7 — and existing vehicles will also have them installed in.

The automaker will now upgrade not just the infotainment system of the car, but nearly any line of code that is installed on the various computing systems that make up a new vehicle. Despite that, the company is now willing to introduce a few apps that it has thought about for a long time to market.

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Perhaps most notable is the software upgrade that allows you to apply to unique hardware enhancements that could already be integrated into your car but that you did not enable when you bought the car. Such as adjustable seats or specialized driver assistance systems.

BMW has been dreaming about this for some time, but now it is making this a reality. That means , for example, if you haven’t bought the heated steering wheel and seats. Your new BMW will now give you a free three-month trial. And you can then effectively buy a subscription to this feature for a fixed period of time.

Surprisingly, the installation of some equipment into vehicles is often simpler and cheaper for car makers.  Even though they didn’t enable them, simply because it eliminates friction from the manufacturing cycle. However, a lot of the features BMW is talking about consist of a software and hardware combination.

What’s unique here is the option to switch for a limited period to only certain apps.

“Not only will we be looking to add more features here in the near future. But we will also be looking to provide much more convenience for our clients. For flexible bookings. And we can book solutions for three years, for one year, or for shorter times, including a few months”. A spokesperson said.

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