Why was the black box called by that name?

black box
The secret to naming the black box

One of the most famous questions that arise after various aircraft accidents is people saying, Where is the black box? and they do not know what is the black box, Why was the black box called by that name?

Why was the black box called by that name?

  • Most people see that it is just a black box that takes the place of the recording device.
  • Where it records the voices of people inside the plane so that experts can show the reason for the crash.
  • This belief It is part of the reality of this fund, but its nature does not express a clear expression.

A flight disaster

When a flight disaster occurs, we always find many unanswered questions.
such as:
  1. What caused the disaster?
  2. Why did the plane crash?
  3. When did you fall? And how?

And many other questions and inquiries.

The stricken plane black box

That is why the specialized investigators immediately begin to search for the black box of the stricken plane.

They always resort to it, as it contains all the records of the flight data.

Each plane has two boxes:
  • The first: It contains the records of the flight data.
  • The second: It contains the records of the cockpit.

The cost of the black box

  • The cost of a single fund is between ten and fifteen thousand dollars.

The characteristics of the black box

  1. Although its name is black boxes, it actually comes in a bright orange colour.
  2. This distinctive colour is added to it by some reflective strips attached to the surface of the box.
  3. As it helps investigators to locate the boxes after any disaster
  4. The benefit of this design appears especially in the case of the plane falling into the water.

The secret to naming the black box

There are two stories about why the boxes are called by this name:

  • The first says:
  • The reason was that the boxes at first were painted black,
  • The second says:
  • The reason is due to the black colour that covers everything due to fires
    Caused by aircraft crashes.

Black Boxes Magnetic tapes

  1. Most of the black boxes used today were based on a magnetic tape that looks like a ribbon.
  2. Magnetic tapes work just like any tape, as a magnetic head is wrapped around the tape itself, so information can be saved to that head.
  3. Then it gradually turned to rely on hard drives or the so-called hard drives, as it was used for the first time in the nineties.
  4. As a result of the emergence of these hard-tape recorders, black box makers stopped manufacturing tape-powered tape recorders.
  5. Information about the black boxes is stored in the motherboard crew inside the unit.

Black Boxes Memory boards

  • Allocated to memory, the memory boards shall be no more than 75.1 inches or 45, 4 cm in diameter.
  • Its length is about an inch or 54. 2 cm.
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