WhatsApp reveals secret tricks users may not know!

Here are 10 secret tips and tricks that Whatsapp has revealed for their app

WhatsApp (undoubtedly) is one of the most common messaging apps, with more than 450 million active users a day, but most of them may be unaware of the secret features they don’t fully benefit from.

WhatsApp revealed 10 tricks that give users the best way to use the messaging app.

1. Record voice messages hands-free

While voice messaging is one of the most common features on WhatsApp, many users don’t realize it can be recorded hands-free.

The company owned by Facebook said:

“Did you know that if you press the microphone icon and pull it up, you can record your voice note without using your hands?. Once you have done recording, press Send!”.

2. Key messages reference

Although there is a search option in WhatsApp, trying to search for messages from time to time can be difficult.

Fortunately, there is a deceptive way to bookmark key messages, to make sure it can be found easily and quickly in the future.

WhatsApp said:

“Use the message feature”Star”, where you can bookmark key messages, which can easily display in one central location. Just click on the message you want to select and choose the icon “Star”.

As well as, You can find all your starred messages, by going to the selected settings and messages, or clicking the chat name and selecting “Starred messages”. In Android, click “More Options,” click “Featured messages With a star “.

3. Prepare or select your status for each occasion

Cases in WhatsApp are an easy way to tell all your contacts at once.

WhatsApp explained:

“You can set the status of” About or about “(About) to be a pre-existing option, or you can create your own case for any activity you may be eager for!

Eventually, Status – select an existing option, or to personalize it, click Edit. Select any of the pre-existing options and share the world with what you currently want. ”

Complete the rest trecks in WhatsApp reveals secret tricks users may not know!

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