UAE .. The first in the world in the stability of the overall national economy

overall national economy

The UAE ranked first in the Arab world and 25 globally. The first in the world in the stability in the Global Competitiveness Report . Which issued by the World Economic Forum Davos. which assesses the competitiveness of 141 countries.

UAE .. The first in the world in the stability of the overall national economy

The figures in this year’s report indicate that the UAE ranked first in the Arab world and the 25th globally. So, noting that it is two places ahead of the previous year.

As well as, The assessment based on 70% of the weight of the report on the data and statistics issued by the countries and the remaining 30% comes from the results of opinion polls and executive and senior investors in those countries.

 The satisfaction of the private sector with

  1. Government services
  2. The positive impact of the incentives
  3. As well as, Facilities announced successively at the federal and local levels.

The UAE has made remarkable progress on the level of indicators:

  • where it advanced in 52 competitive indicators from last year.
  • maintained its performance in 27 indicators out of the 103 competitive indicators monitored by the report.

The UAE also ranks among the top five countries in 19 global indices. and among the top 20 countries globally in 57 indices. Also, more than half of the indicators the report tracks this year.

At the level of the main and sub-axes

  1. The UAE ranked first globally in the “Stability of the national economy”.
  2. The second globally in the “axis of adoption of ICT” and fourth globally in the “commodity markets axis”.

The UAE has also advanced in eight out of 12 main axes:

  • Institutions
  • Infrastructure
  • ICT Adoption
  • Education and Skills
  • Commodity Market Efficiency
  • Labor Market Efficiency
  • Business dynamics’
  • Finally, innovation capacity’ axis

The UAE ranks first in the world in four indicators

Among the indicators that the UAE achieved in this year’s report ranked high

  1. The annual change in inflation
  2. The “debt dynamics”
  3. indicator “mobile Internet subscriptions
  4. credit gap

Eventually, It also ranked fifth globally in the “Internet Users” Index. “Low Impact of Taxes and Subsidies on Business Competition” and “Innovative Business Growth”.

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