The UAE is a land of opportunity and fulfillment

UAE is a land of opportunity
Why the UAE is a land of opportunity for expats?

Over the past years, the UAE has embraced and attracted hundreds of giant creative ideas and projects. UAE is a land of opportunity and dreams for all aspiring and creative people around the world.

The UAE is a land of opportunity and fulfillment


The climate of openness and tolerance enjoyed by the UAE, its safe and stable environment. Also, Its vital location and modern legislations have enhanced its ability to attract all those who wish to

  • establish their business
  • Also, investments on its land with confidence and stability


The areas of ownership also included:

  1. transport and storage
  2. opening the way for self-transport projects
  3. e-commerce transport
  4. supply chain
  5. logistics
  6. Finally, the transport of pharmaceutical products and cold storage

As well as, The UAE has launched a new set of residency systems on its territory and began to be implemented between 2018 and 2019.

Most of which aimed to:

  1. encourage investment
  2. attract talent
  3. As well as, support scientific and technical capabilities
  4. provide a suitable environment for retirees
  5. provide comfortable accommodation for all, within specific terms and standards.

The new residence regulations consisted of two main types:

long-term “Gold Card” involving:

  1. investors
  2. entrepreneurs
  3. talent specialists
  4. Finally, retirees for five or ten years renewed automatically when the same conditions.

permanent residence “Gold Card”

In both investors and talent Exceptional in all fields of

  1. medicine
  2. engineering
  3. science
  4. arts

The long-term residency included 6 types of residency

  1. retirees
  2. public investments within the UAE
  3. real estate investor
  4. entrepreneurs
  5. outstanding students
  6. talent


Eventually, The long-term visa is granted to talent holders and researchers in the fields of science and knowledge.


  1. Firstly, physicians
  2. Secondly. specialists
  3. thirdly, scientists
  4. fourthly, inventors
  5. finally, creators

Benefits for the visa include husband, wife, and children. category.

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