Minneapolis businesses, which suffered damage, stand with protesters

Minneapolis businesses, which suffered damage, stand with protesters

George Floyd’s murder, a black man unarmed and handcuffed, in police detention in Minneapolis has sparked nights of demonstrations and brutality in communities across the nation.

Demonstrators have expressed their frustration in slogans and on placards in Minneapolis. Where local police officer Derek Chauvin got in custody amid the death of Floyd. But the demonstrations have escalated to violent outbursts.

Hundreds of businesses in the Twin Cities of the state — Minneapolis and St. Paul — after four days of violence were destroyed or stolen.

Minneapolis united

Yet some of those company owners continue to voice their support to protesters.

A famous local restaurant stood amid the demonstrations and violence in Minneapolis: the Gandhi Mahal.

Ruhel Islam, the business owner who immigrated from Bangladesh to flee state brutality 24 years ago, began his company almost 13 years ago. Throughout the violence Thursday night it burnt to the ground.

When he found out, Islam said he had only one answer: “Let my house burn down. Government have to carry on justice and have to put those officers in prison.”

His daughter, Hafsa Islam, said her family was transforming their restaurant into a safe haven for injured protesters who needed first aid from their normal routine of curry making.

“We were, certainly, concerned about business. But the protesters were more concerned about us,” she also said. “We took in hundreds of injured people on Tuesday and Wednesday. To get there by Thursday night was too dangerous.”

As the evening raged on, Hafsa said local people were doing their best to protect Gandhi Mahal by standing in front of her. But within hours her windows were broken. And also her restaurant had turned into ashes by the morning.

Despite the loss of their business and their anti-violence stance. Hafsa said they stand in support of the protesters and their cause.

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