How do you organize your work tasks?

How do you organize your work tasks?
How to Find More Time In Your Work Day

How do you organize your work tasks? Organizing time gives you a real opportunity to get to know your work, arrange it according to priorities, and set a relaxing time among a group of works so that you can complete the day actively. The organization saves a lot of time and effort to complete what is planned and hit the targets accurately, and any work that is based on steps that are implemented, and the best way to implement these steps is to be an organization.

How do you organize your work tasks?

First: Know what your business is

Above all, you must know what your job is, what your job title is, and what tasks are assigned to you. These tasks will often be written as part of the company’s internal system. Ask your manager for a copy of it, a copy of your job tasks and the limits of your powers and responsibility.

Second: The daily agenda

One of the most successful ways to organize time at work is to set yourself a daily work schedule for you to do.

This also helps you know the percentage of your accomplishment at work.

1 – Create a business plan for the current month.
2 – Divide your work on a daily basis, and place each work as a step or several steps.
3 – Determine how each action will be carried out.
4 – Determine the time for each action and set priorities according to importance.
5- Review your agenda daily, and compare what has already been done, and what degree of completion.
6 – Do not pressure yourself during preparing the schedule, but allow some time to use it in special or emergency cases.
7 – Make time for your convenience
8 – Make your daily work schedule flexible, and capable of making adjustments according to work requirements and conditions.

Third: Organize your office and workplace

Organizing the work environment and providing a suitable atmosphere will save you a lot of time in addition to reducing the work pressure.

According to the following:

1 – Take good care of the cleanliness of the office
2 – Get rid of all unnecessary papers on the desktop, and only keep what is linked to your daily work schedule, which you are currently implementing.
3 – Make sure to provide good lighting.
4 – Maintain the arrangement of tools and office supplies specifically.
5 – Put what you need often close to your reach always, such as pens, computer mouse, calculator, notebook, and others according to your business needs.
6 – Arrange the files in sequence and create a table showing the contents of each file.

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Here is a list of tips to help you manage your time:

1 – Divide your time: apart for work, apart for planning, and apart for rest.
2- Make a list of priorities.
3 – Delegate some work to others according to the limits of his responsibility.
4 – Don’t put off a lot of work.
5 – Always do according to plan.
6 – Be optimistic.
7 – Do not continue to work while you are exhausted, but stop and take a little rest.
8 – Try to solve work problems in the shortest possible time.
9 – Take advantage of the downtime to do something useful, or take a break.
10 – Do not involve yourself in the work of others.
11 – Work with your colleagues.
12 – Reduce business visits.
13 – Review your plans and schedules for each period.
14 – Make sure to change your work routine from time to time.

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