Dubai Future Foundation: A vision for a better future

Dubai Future Foundation: A vision for a better future

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, Ruler of Dubai, presented a bold, straightforward strategy, in his quest to inspire the people of Dubai and develop all facets of their lives. This is What the Dubai Future Foundation is about. And Here are some of the statements about Dubai Future Foundation from the Emirati Sheikhs in charge.

About Dubai Future Foundation

The Dubai Emirate has committed long-term commitment to this growth cycle. After all, a promising future is not guaranteed overnight; it takes commitment, hard work and a broad and specialized range of skills, resources and technology to build the world we desire. To this end, we set out – with full support from the leadership of Dubai – to fine-tune the capabilities of our present and future generations, improve their expertise and enhance their awareness.

At the Dubai Future Foundation we believe it is not a choice but an obligation to set the foundations for a better future. We see obstacles as tools for expanding our frontiers and doing what some find impossible. We assume that creating a better tomorrow can only be achieved through a deep awareness of the current and a clear vision for the future.

The Inception

After its inception, the Foundation has initiated a multitude of foreign programs and ventures in accordance with the Dubai Future Agenda, enhancing the strategic relationship between government and private sector. We have formed alliances with-and will continue to do so-the world’s most respected colleges, research institutions, and innovation-led business organizations to investigate and find potential solutions.

Today the Dubai Technology Foundation welcomes innovative thinkers and innovators from around the world. And we are also on track to position the UAE as a regional hub for emerging technologies.

The Development

Today’s world as we know it is experiencing dramatic developments in all markets and sectors. The future can also be (lived / foreseen) right here in our present. With our forefathers’ legacy, and in keeping with our leadership vision. Dubai has long realized the importance of keeping pace with future technology. And also making the best of innovation to shape a better future.

So this is the essence of what the Dubai Future Foundation represents; the concrete product of this dream to also establish the near future.

Driven by a visionary vision, and by jointly dreaming, encouraging and planning Dubai’s future. The Project, in partnership with the government and private institutions. It aims to place Dubai as leading city of the future.

With an emphasis on four Strategic Business Divisions. Namely dreaming and knowing the future. Disseminating future awareness, creating future capability, planning, and accelerating the future. Dubai Future Foundation actively works towards achieving its dream and objectives. Those of positioning Dubai and the UAE as the world’s center of future knowledge and also hub of innovation.

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