The most recent information in the Carlos Ghosn saga

The most recent information in the Carlos Ghosn saga

It looked like a fairly ho-hum news day this morning and then we received an update from nowhere on the mystery of the great escape Carlos Ghosn made. Here’s the latest on Ghosn, and a few other CNN Business highlights.

The spirit of Carlos Ghosn remains the No. 1 ripped-from-the-headlines saga that we at CNN Company look forward to seeing binge as it is finally converted as a 12-part series. (Hey showrunners at HBO, DM me!)

If you’re new to this one, settle in and grab some popcorn.

Carlos Ghosn

It’s been a couple of months since we had an update on the former Nissan chairman who disappeared in December from his Tokyo home while under house arrest and awaiting trial for financial crimes. He turned up later on in Lebanon.

But on Wednesday, two men — a former special forces soldier and his son — were arrested by US authorities on suspicion of aiding the brazen escape. The men helping Carlos Ghosn leave the country encountered him in a luxurious hotel, according to some straight-forward cinematic court papers. They posed then as musicians carrying two large black boxes. For “audio equipment” through Osaka airport waiting for a private jet. (Surprise! Our fugitive was allegedly in one of the boxes)


Lately, members of the Disney family are giving the company some PR headaches. Abigail Disney, Walt Disney ‘s brother Roy’s granddaughter, has been particularly vocal with some expletive-laden criticisms. This of how the company treated its workers.

The newest to add on is Brad Lund, one of Walt’s grandsons. Who this week told the Daily Beast that “all family members will unite in our dismay” at the company’s incentive payments to managers at a time. When thousands of Disney’s rank and file are not getting enough pay due to the pandemic.

“I have already shared my desire that the Disney corporation will continue to give its many faithful workers fair pay and benefits in the tradition of the business of which my grandfather was so proud”. Lund told the Daily Beast.

Top Disney executives decided to take pay cuts after the pandemic. A spokesman said Wednesday there was “no merit to any incentive payout rumors”. Also said it’s “premature and reckless to comment about bonus payments.”

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