Black Friday sales reached $7.4 billion in United States

Black Friday
US online Black Friday sales hit record $7.4 billion.

Black Friday sales reached a record of $7.4 billion in the United States and only online, according to a poll conducted by Adobe Analytics for 80 US companies and published by Bloomberg on its website.

Black Friday sales in the United States

Sales operations among citizens

Sales operations through technology

  • American shoppers have increasingly preferred to buy their needs online, via smartphones rather than computers.
  • Employee purchases are rising after the weekend and during their working hours.

Says Taylor Schriner, an analyst at Adobe Analytics.

“As Christmas approaches, consumers are increasingly buying on their smartphones instead of queuing, as was the case a few years ago.”

According to Adobe Analytics

The value of smartphone purchases on Friday 30 November was $2.9 billion, the largest ever.

As well as, The most popular electronics were Apple laptops, AirPods and Samsung TVs.

However, there are some shoppers who prefer to buy in stores, which is sometimes a social occasion for families after the Thanksgiving celebrations.

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