‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ star Rami Malek wins best actor award at Globes

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ star Rami Malek wins best actor award at Globes

Egyptian-American actor Rami Malek took home the Best Actor (Drama) award at the 76th Golden Globes. This award has graduated the television star to the same category as the Hollywood A-listers, and also made him one of the strongest contenders for this year’s Oscars, to be held on February 24.

Malek got the award for portrayal of Queen’s lead singer, Freddie Mercury in the biopic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. The movie which otherwise got mixed reviews but did well at the box office, scooped two major awards – Best Film (Drama) and Best Actor (Drama) on Sunday.

Besides being a rock star’s biopic holding a lot of sentimental value, the film stayed in news during its making. The film was initially directed by Bryan Singer, who got fired from the film amid reports that he had clashed with Malek on set. Dexter Fletcher was later got on board to complete the project.

In his acceptance speech at the award ceremony held at the Beverly Hilton in California, Malek said, “I am beyond moved. My heart is pounding out of my chest right now…I tried to find the humanity in him. I related it to him being an immigrant struggling to discover his identity. I tried to take everything he was struggling with, his complication, his chaos, his turmoil and this beauty inside of him. He lifted me up to be everything I could be in this film.”

He added, “To you, Brian May, to you, Roger Taylor, for ensuring that authenticity remains in the world,” he said. He dedicated the award to Mercury, who died in 1991, adding: “This is for and because of you, gorgeous!”

Malek revealed being a big fan of the band and thought highly of Mercury saying he was a “deity” and a “god.” He confessed that his biggest challenge was to capture the charisma and electrifying stage presence of the Queen’s frontman. He thanked the band’s members Brian May and Roger Taylor, as well as Mercury for allowing and helping him perform the role of a lifetime. Both May and Taylor attended the ceremony.

Malek won the award against a veteran bunch of actors Bradley Cooper, Willem Dafoe, Lucas Hedges, and John David Washington.