Susan Page to write biography of Nancy Pelosi in April 2021

Susan Page to write biography of Nancy Pelosi in April 2021

The author of “Madam Speaker: Nancy Pelosi and the Lessons of Leadership” is Susan Page, director of the Washington branch, who covered six White House administrations and ten presidential elections, USA TODAY.

The columnist and best-selling author of “The Matriarch: Barbara Bush and the Making of an American Family,” Susan Page, is publishing another biography about a prominent woman in Washington: Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States.

On April 6, 2021, publisher Twelve Books confirmed Tuesday, the novel, titled “Madam Speaker: Nancy Pelosi and the Lessons of Influence” is due for publication.

Susan page and Nancy Pelosi

“Since becoming the first woman House speaker in 2007, Nancy Pelosi has been in history books, of course, the highest-ranking woman in American history,” Page explained of Pelosi’s intrigues. “What could be lacking is this. She will be the most influential speaker in modern times. After the iconic Sam Rayburn in history books anyway.”

Rayburn served as a speaker in three separate periods for over 17 years, which finished in 1961.

Page also won strong acclaim for her exceptional, in-depth look at Bush in her previous novel. Including a 3.5 out of four star rating from USA TODAY.

The author was given exclusive access and held over 100 interviews with Bush friends and family members. Including the former first lady herself in the final months of her career. To also tell the true story of one of American political history ‘s leading females.

Page also clarified that both topics of her biographies were “routinely overlooked even though they put a stamp on America.”

“There is also a major contrast between Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Bush. A Democrat and a Republican, an official and a husband. However, still, there are certain differences”. Page said . “When they were growing up. Both defied the traditional expectations for women.”

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