Sunderland grandma who died of coronavirus leaves a biography

Sunderland grandma who died of coronavirus leaves a biography

A Sunderland grandma, Tunstall’s 89-year-old Audrey Brunton has spent the past year sharing her stories of her childhood in Sunderland, from sheltering from bombs during the war to serving in the Empire and painting her son Ian Mole, 66, with Basil Brush likes.

It proved to be a great journey for the mother and son, with Ian learning things he never knew about his mum before. Audrey, who discovered out that she was going to be a great sunderland grandma for the third time while in hospital, had reviewed and signed off on a book draft, but died suddenly at Sunderland Royal Hospital after Covid-19 had been diagnosed.

The story of the Sunderland Grandma

She knew early quotes from the novel had already been warmly received on Facebook and had seen the front cover but with book printing halted due to lockout, Audrey, who is also mum to Graham and Linda, never got to touch the book herself.

It has been out through ALS since then, and they sold over 100 copies.

Like other Covid victims ‘ families. In their final hours Ian and the rest of Audrey ‘s family were unable to be with her. But the writer says the book has proved to be a help.

She had cancer but she should have lived a few years longer. On March 24, she would have gone to the hospital and she was expecting to come out again. The day before she died, I was talking to her on the phone and she sounded very lucid. She had lived independently, and was for her age as a fiddle.

In the shadow of Wearmouth Colliery. Audrey was born and raised in the Wheatsheaf area of Sunderland. And in the book she recalls being a child and shelter. During the Second World War as bombs rained down on the important industrial area.

Audrey moved to Elmwood Street near the long-gone Royal Infirmary in later years. Where she raised her children and improved her home during periods of post-war austerity.

During later years, from February 2019-February 2020, Audrey moved to Tunstall’s Crosslea Avenue neighborhood where she showed Ian her tales.

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