Innocent Kiss by Rock Hudson and Linda Evans Makes Headlines

Innocent Kiss by Rock Hudson and Linda Evans Makes Headlines

Even by the day’s prime-time television standards, it was a chaste kiss, but it generated headlines around the world. On a February 1985 episode of the soap / drama empire, as guest star Rock Hudson, the square-jawed leading man of yesteryear, locked lips with series star Linda Evans, he was still sick from AIDS but kept his illness a secret.

Hudson died on 2 October 1985 at the age of 59 from AIDS-related complications. Although he appeared with Doris Day in various acting roles during his Hollywood career, including Giant (1956) along with Elizabeth Taylor and Pillow Talk (1959) and Lover Come Back (1961), as well as in the McMillan & Wife TV series (1971–1977), his death from the then unknown and malignant disease will remain his lasting public legacy.

Rock Hudson and Linda Evans

“I have kissed Linda Evans. What the fuck would I do? “Upon reading the dynasty script a week before the kissing sequence was supposed to be shot in late 1984, he had allegedly told his private secretary. Diagnosed earlier that year, Hudson had kept secret the details of his illness, as he had long tried to hide his homosexuality from his fans. Hudson has not confirmed the diagnosis to Evans or to the show’s creator Aaron Spelling.

The star used several sprays and mouthwashes ahead of shooting, according to his autobiography Rock Hudson, His Life, and then told his assistant that “the kiss is done with it. Thanks be to God.’

In July 1985, a few months after the film. Hudon’s psychiatric condition appeared to the public following his dramatic fall at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. He went to the American Hospital in Neuilly. Where he got treatment for liver cancer for the very first time. Many rumors that he had AIDS and was getting care in France began circulating. A Hudson spokesman confirmed within days that he was suffering. From acquired immune deficiency syndrome, and the actor went back to the US for further treatment. He was the first major public figure to publicly acknowledge his diagnosis of AIDS.

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