A recent book retraces glory years of Ray Bradbury

A recent book retraces glory years of Ray Bradbury

Every month the poet laureate Mars was born in sleepy Waukegan, Illinois, a hundred years ago. Ray Bradbury was best known to a generation of baby boomers for his classic The Martian Chronicles (1950), a lyrical series of stories asking if humanity might relate to life on the red planet. His imaginative images caught the common imagination of the planet and inspired the development of space technology, including satellites and rovers headed to Mars. As Norman Corwin observed in 1971, “[Bradbury] landed on Mars before the scientists … no volume of experimental evidence, no logs and machine code extrapolations could ever dislodge him from that world.”

The Story of Ray Bradbury

Jonathan Eller, an English professor at Indiana University and director of the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies, has published Ray Bradbury Beyond Apollo, the final biography in a series that discusses Bradbury ‘s childhood, to mark the centennial of Bradbury ‘s birth. Eller ‘s thoughtful narrative is meticulous, offering over 300 pages of analyzes and snippets from Bradbury ‘s unpublished letters and manuscripts to document every moment of the writer’s golden years, beginning with the launch of Apollo 15 in 1971 and ending with his final days in 2012. On the way, Eller provides readers with insights into how Bradbury built its reputation as a Space Age luminaire.

During his life, explains Eller, Bradbury found ways to collaborate, improve his bond with audiences and develop as a writer. Bradbury Beyond Apollo is plunging. Deep into the vast personal and technical network of scientists, actors, authors, and artists of the book. Ray Bradbury formed partnerships with key players early on. He searched for collaborations that would allow them to collaborate.

For example, he met Walt Disney in the 1960s and collaborated on several collaborations with Disney’s “imagineers”. Until their relationship bore fruit, notably in the shape of Epcot’s ride Spaceship Earth. Also the film Something Wicked This Way Comes (1982) by Walt Disney Production. It’s based on Ray Bradbury novel of the same name. Eller also discusses how Bradbury helped Bruce Murray. Also others foster space travel and planetary discovery at the Planetary Society. While not all the writer’s ideas come to fruition. He continued to think up new scripts, novels, exhibitions and other ventures and partnerships.

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