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Qatar still deceiving United States and international community, supports terrorism

A demonstration outside the Qatar Embassy in London during Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani's visit
A demonstration outside the Qatar Embassy in London during Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani's visit

In the international counter-terrorism efforts, Qatar has, yet again, falsely claimed more contribution on its own behalf.

The Ministry of Defense of Qatar (MoD) announced that 24 Storm armored personnel carriers (APC) had been donated to the Mali Armed Forces.

The MoD said the vehicles have been airlifted to Mali on board several Boeing C-17 planes and would be used for safety operations in Mali and four other G5 Sahel countries. Last year, the G5 of Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Chad and Mauritania established a military task force to eradicate jihadist violence.

In addition, Doha announced on January 17 that it would donate 68 armored vehicles to Somalia, a move that has been maintained as Doha seeks more impact in the country.

However, military specialists and global scene observers revealed these to be fake efforts as reports showed that the Doha government had cheated African countries through these alleged military donations.

In a hopeless effort by Doha to deny the charges against it of promoting terrorism and terrorist organizations on the African continent, the armored vehicles and army equipment were sent to the region.

The vehicles proved to be defective and inefficient to be used in the region’s military anti-terrorism activities, particularly in northern Syria ; the vehicles could not provide the necessary security against attacks by Kurdish organizations targeting Turkish soldiers.

Political specialists also explained that the Doha government is, as usual, attempting to reach a consensus with all sides, particularly United States government and president Donald Trump in particular, while at the same time deceiving African governments by offering them used vehicles, presumably capable of fighting terrorism.

On the other hand, terrorists are already realizing the flaws and weaknesses of these vehicles, so they have been prepared to neutralize them during their involvement with government soldiers in these countries.

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