Qatar spreads its horror across the country

Qatar spreads its horror
Qatar succeeded in penetrating some countries by means of terrorism.

Qatar spreads its horror across the country, and succeeded in penetrating some countries by means of terrorism and aiding in the formation of armed terrorist groups such as al Qaeda in Syria and Iraq, destabilizing security.

Qatar direction among countries:

It has supported terrorism in order to gain a foothold in some Arab and regional countries.

In order to counterbalance its small size and relative weakness, as well as its lack of any political or military weight in the Middle East.

Qatar Small, but dangerous :

  • It has supported terrorism in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Tunisia and Egypt.
  • Qatar is the only one who can combine the contradictions of a US base, a Turkish base, a Brotherhood station and Iranian traders.

It spent huge amounts of money in support and funding of jihad groups and terrorist activities in Europe and elsewhere in the West.

Qataris also purchase political power and influence, furthering the Qatari dream of being a regional power, or at least giving the illusion of being one.

Qatar’s support for jihad terrorism became a political ideology that seeped into Qatari military, security, diplomatic and even charitable institutions.

This has prompted other Arab countries to boycott Qatar.

In order to stop its terrorist activities, which have violated the security and stability of the region.

Qatar-funded Muslim Brotherhood activities in Europe, meanwhile, have promoted Europe’s Islamization.

It has become an ally to Iran and its proxies, as well as of Erdogan’s Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Qatar spreads its horror across the world:

Qatar has become a tool of Iranian terrorism and Turkish interventions, and a financial tool for Turkey’s proxies in Europe.

Its alliances with Iran and Turkey, it has now become a dangerous security risk for Arabic countries and the world in general.

Exposed the methods used by Doha to try to :

  • control the conservative opinion in America
  • It is the sponsor of terrorism and extremism

Why is Qatar important to the United States?

The U.S.-Qatar military relationship expanded rapidly in the 1990s and early part of the 21st century.

As the Qataris built Al Udeid and encouraged the United States to use it.

Al Udeid Air Base, which is one of the most important US bases in the world.

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