Qatar Royal was accused by Florida plot of murder

Qatar Royal was accused by Florida
The Qatar ruling family's abuse of employees and laws exposed earlier this year.

In an off the record initial conference at in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York on February 14, Qatar Royal  was accused by Florida plot of murder FLSA Case.

The Qatar ruling family’s abuse of employees and laws exposed earlier this year and Qatar Royal  was accused by Florida.

The Qatari royals and their law firm have covered:

  • Up human trafficking and
  • Modern slavery

Eventually, covered by paying hush money under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

What will the authorities, in Florida, Washington and Doha, do?

Another case filed in the Middle District of Florida asserts that:

The brother of Qatar’s Emir, himself a director of the Qatar National Bank.

Who kidnapped an American and contracted for murder involving at a minimum the brandishing a firearm.

What are the procedures to help the American citizen ?!

Citizen against the American citizen’s will on at least two occasions in one of Defendant Khalid’s personal residences.

At Defendant Khalid’s request, the American citizen arrested and jailed at the Onaiza Police Station in Doha, Qatar.

Pittard and the United States Embassy:

  • came to the aide of the American citizen
  • Helped him to reach a point of safety
  • Eventually, safely depart from the country of Qatar

Qatar Royal was accused by Florida plot of murder:

Back on June 1 from inside the SDNY Inner City Press reported that the Qatari royals’ lawyers were on the cusp of succeeding in burying the case in mediation by JAMS.

A low-ball settlement – except for attorneys fees submitted to SDNY Judge J. Paul Oetken on June 1.

At least, The total is $150,000, fully half being attorneys’ fees; it signed by the royals without any admission.

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On June 10, this: “ORDER: The proposed settlement at Docket Number 36-1 approved, and the case hereby DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE.

The Court shall retain jurisdiction solely to resolve any disputes arising from the settlement agreement and the settlement of this action.
So, The Clerk of Court directed to close the case.

So, The cover letter stated that “Defendants – who are members of the royal family of Qatar.”

Noted that:

If they received certification from the State Department.

They would potentially considered diplomats entitled to full immunity.

Resulting in:

“Immediate dismissal of the litigation for lack of subject matter jurisdiction.”

So the Qatar royals used the threat of support from the U.S. State Department to cover up human trafficking. We’ll have more on this – and there is more on Patreon.

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