The UN Human Rights Council falls to a new low

UN Human Rights Council falls to a new low

When the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is sitting there, the stench of antisemitism still hovers over Switzerland’s Lake Geneva. Nevertheless, the foul emanations reached a new nadir with the announcement by UNHRC of a “inventory” of companies doing business in the disputed territories in Israel.

After the list was released, Bruno Stagno Ugarte, deputy director of advocacy at the NGO Human Rights Watch, said: “The long-awaited publication of the UN settlement company database will put all businesses on notice. Doing business with illegal settlements[ sic] is helping to commit war crimes.”

Human Rights Offenses

Doing business in Judea and Samaria is a war crime for the 112 firms on the list–including 18 foreign companies.

But what is the offense, exactly? Employing 20,000 Palestinian Arabs to triple the salaries that local Arab companies are offering, with better health and benefits?

It’s a war crime for wily Israelis and others to get Palestinian Arab and Jewish Israeli staff. Just to see each other as colleagues and friends, not as enemies.

It is a war crime in the eyes of the UN to pump hundreds millions of dollars into disputed territories. Making a profit in the sacred land of “Palestine” is particularly a war crime. No area of the world does the UNHRC deal with this issue, much less view it as a war crime.

United States condemned this BDS-inspired blacklist by the  with utter disdain. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo flatly rejected the efforts made by the UNHRC to defame Israel. Furthermore, We should remember that various federal laws and legislation in 28 states. Specifically prohibit American companies from taking part in a boycott action relevant to the UNHCR list.

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