How Al-Siraj embezzled a billion dollars in support of the terrorist militias

American support for Hafer reveals the positions of states in Libya
American support for Hafer reveals the positions of states in Libya

The head of the Liquidity Committee of the Central Bank of Libya, Ramzi Al-Agha, revealed a meeting between the President of the Council Faiz Al-Siraj and the Minister of the Interior Al-Wefaq Fathi Pasha.

The meeting, which will be held today, will discuss the allocation of funds and approval of documents with a $ 1 billion price tag urgently, to allegedly cover for the food import for the month of Ramadan.

Agha stated that these documents are worth $ 1 billion because their alleged purpose is for Al-Siraj to import weapons and ammunition, and transferring funds to support the forces of reconciliation under the official cover of having to import and purchase food for the month of Ramadan.

The reports coincide with the escape of 47 of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists aboard a Turkish plane heading for Doha from Tripoli after renewed clashes in the vicinity of the Yarmouk camp between the Libyan army and terrorist militias belonging to the regimes of Qatar and Turkey.

Gulf expert Amjad Taha also confirmed that the national reconciliation forces in Tripoli received strong blows during the battle being waged by the national army to liberate Tripoli from the terrorists.

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