Daszak: Rumors on coronavirus could damage Chinese cooperation

Daszak: Rumors on coronavirus could damage Chinese cooperation

World-leading coronavirus experts (like Daszak) have signed a statement of support for their Chinese colleagues who are the target on social media with violence as false rumors spread about their origins.

Daszak comments on rumors about coronavirus

There is a real risk that the open and transparent partnership between Chinese scientists and their western counterparts will come to an abrupt end, preventing data sharing and searching forCovid-19 drugs and vaccines, cautioned Dr. Peter Daszak whose work into emerging diseases led to the discovery of the bat origin of SARS, among others.

Daszak is one of 27 prominent public health experts from nine countries who signed the statement. These include Jeremy Farrar, ceo of the UK Wellcome Trust, Jim Hughes, former director of the US National Center for Infectious Diseases, Rita Colwell, former head of the US National Science Foundation and other experts in science and public health on infectious diseases.

“We’re working closely with the scientists in China. For the last 15 years, after SARS, “Daszak said, we have had amazing transparency with the laboratories in China. “We work on what are dangerous viruses and collect invaluable information that helps the world’s public health. All of that is now under attack.

The Chinese scientists and their families are afraid of violence on social media. They say, Daszak said, “We will not talk, because people attack us and harass us every time we speak.”

Conspiracy theories also circulated on social media say the coronavirus appeared artificially in a laboratory carrying out work on bio-weapons. These are “crackpot ideas that need answers but it’s just unlikely in the age of social media,” Daszak said.

As with the conspiracy theories surrounding vaccines with MMR, promulgating the myths become echo chambers in their social media.

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