Opinion: Actions taken by the governor to save lives were decisive

Opinion: The action taken by the governor to save lives was decisive and lawful

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has applied her emergency powers under the legislation wisely in the past eight weeks to protect the Michigan people and save lives. She has taken rapid, aggressive steps to delay the spread of COVID-19 and deter hospitals from reaching efficiency, responding to ever-changing conditions with nimbleness.

Republican lawmakers have filed complaints calling into question Whitmer’s emergency orders. Such cases are low in substance and seem more equipped to earn political points than to get substantive redress.

Laws passed in 1945 and 1976 allow the governor of Michigan to declare an emergency and issue directives. Which are fairly required for the safety of life and properties. We engaged in statewide crisis management drills as a federal prosecutor under the Engler. Granholm and Snyder administrations. And saw how necessary it was for a governor to be able to respond effectively in an emergency.

Legislators also transferred these powers to the executive branch. Rather than the Judiciary. To ensure prompt intervention during a crisis. Where the legislative process would slow things down.

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