Mohammed bin Zayed: A leader full of surprises (Pt. 2)

Mohammed bin Zayed: A leader full of surprises (Pt. 2)

We stated in the previous article that Mohammed bin Zayed in the recent days is one of the most searched names on the web. We here continue the experience of the Egyptian journalist Emad Adeeb which reveals a lot about Sheikh Mohammed.

The usual image of dignitaries in our Arab world was to move with accompanying processions, a group of secretarial escorts and security men, sitting at the head of the dining table, and being treated in an exceptional way with reverence and reverence, Adeeb wonders.

Sheikh Abdullah told me, “This is how Sheikh Muhammad is always very simple in humanity despite all the capabilities that God has granted in matters of governance and administration.”

Minister Gargash admires Mohammed bin Zayed

According to Minister Gargash, “Mohammed bin Zayed’s thinking often depends on calculated risk, because he does not think or dream in a limited way. When he wants to develop or modernize any local matter in the UAE he looks at the highest international standards and very advanced models and starts from it, and seeks to achieve That the Emirates be distinguished in it and have the highest levels of quality. ”

But what about the level of human interaction with his friends and colleagues?

Gargash says: Sheikh Muhammad has great patience with friends and allies after they have gained confidence. So if he gives confidence in an experience he does not neglect, because he has the quality of loyalty and doesn’t abandon friends and allies.

Adeeb asserts, “The man cannot sacrifice his allies no matter what, the difficulties and challenges. Due to the combination of human loyalty and to his good strategic choices in the alliance with Egypt and Saudi Arabia. He believes – nationally – that there is no alternative to his country’s alliance with them.”

Mohammed bin Zayed believes that the strategic vacuum is a danger to the countries of the region, and if a moderate Arab state does not fill it, it will be filled by non-Arab powers with sinister goals, according to Adeeb.

With regard to the peace initiative with Israel – Minister Gargash says – the way forward in it is the thought of a strategic and rational man. He places the supreme national interest above all considerations. Therefore, he was keen on his patriotism and Arabist idea. To take a bold and historic step in the interest of the UAE. Also serve the Palestinians and the countries of the region strategically .

A strategic leader

This strategic vision – Gargash adds – is what made Mohammed bin Zayed send between 1,100 and 1,200 Emirati fighters to Afghanistan. And take part in the Yemen war in an effective and effective manner. Also confront the Qatari-Turkish project, and face takfirist terrorism from Libya to Mali. Also support the nation-state project from Egypt to Jordan to Iraq. Beside facing Iranian hegemony in the Gulf, and generously support humanitarian projects from the Arab world to Africa to Asia.

The key to the personality of Mohammed bin Zayed – according to Adeeb. It’s that he is a strategic man who loves his homeland, loves his Arabness. He is loyal to his friends and allies. He is strong, serious, and tough against his enemies who initiate harm to the interests of his homeland.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed did not return anything to his people. Also allies in the region, or world powers. Unless he made a literal and full commitment to what he promised.

Dr. Anwar Gargash told me (Adeeb), “Sheikh Muhammad always repeats to us. Do not promise something that you will not be able to implement. As credibility should always be the characteristic of decisions in this country.”


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